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Canadian Senate approves Bill-218 to legalize sports betting

June 28, 2021
The Canadian Senate has approved Bill-218, known as ‘The Safe and regulated Sports Betting Act’, to legalize sports betting. A very good news for the industry, welcomed by leading provider of licensed, real money eSports betting Real Luck Group, which plans to get involved in the licensing process as soon as possible.

The Bill, which proposes to make it lawful to bet on a single sports or athletics event, was passed by Senate's Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce for deliberation and will now be sent back to the House of Commons for royal assent and becoming an official amendment to the Criminal Code. "This is a significant moment for the iGaming industry and Canada and policymakers should be congratulated on reaching a decision that will help provide safe and regulated sports betting for millions of Canadian fans”, said Real Luck Group CEO Thomas Rosander. “There is massive interest in wagering on sports and eSports and the industry is expected to be worth billions to the nation's economy. We look forward to the official amendment to the Criminal Code and will look to be involved in the licensing process as soon as possible. Luckbox's proprietary award-winning platform, offering wagering on 14 major eSports as well as sports betting, is well positioned to benefit from this trend. Real Luck Group is a member of the Canadian Gaming Association and we are following the progress in the Senate in what are exciting times for the industry in Canada and the US”, he added.


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